User Guide

Notes on using this site. I imported this from the old site so many things will NOT work. Click on the link to get more information. Let me know if you want something added here or if what you are looking for does not work.

Archives – Click on the drop-down menu and select the month you want.

Categories sidebar has “Categories” tab with drop-down menu. Click Here

Click Here Why do I put Click Here on posts?

Corrections or Additions If you want to make corrections or additions to your posts you can simply log on and make the corrections. You can only do your personal posts. If you have forgotten your password just ask for a new one – it will be emailed to you promptly.

Edit If you are logged in “Edit” will appear below your posts and you can edit or delete the post. You can also contact me and I will make the change for you.

Event Calendar Click Here Posting Events Click Here

Gravatar If you have a gravatar it will appear next to your profile at the bottom of your posts. Get your gravatar here. Click Here

Member Gallery – Your photo can appear on the “Member Gallery” page. Click Here

Member Profile Each registered member (User) has a “Biographical Info” section where you can list your name, company name, phone and a short “Profile” of your business. This appears automatically at the bottom of each of your posts (note: must click on the post title to be seen unless in search mode).

Posting to SiteClick Here

Random Posts – Click on one to view the post. Generated randomly from all the posts.

Register or Log In to PostClick Here

Search – Enter words connected by Underscore Character [ _ ] to search through titles and bodies of all posts. Each post containing the word will be displayed. [if you put two words with space between them search will find EITHER word]

Services – Member Gallery & Domain hosting Click Here

Tags – Each post has “Tagged” below it with from zero through about 5 subjects listed to identify the content of that post. If you want to see other posts on the same subject (e.g., finance) just click on the tag and all posts with the same tag will show.

Top of Page – As you scroll down the page an “up arrow” Up Arrow will appear near bottom-right corner of screen. Click on that arrow to go to the top of page.

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