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Posting Notes – Land and Investment

This is a WordPress site. To modify your current posts or to add a new post you must first log in to the website.

This is done at the right hand side column of the website near the bottom. “Log in to Post or Comment” Your user name is your name (e.g., Steve Long) If you do not know your password it will allow you to send yourself a new password to the email address you have on file. If your user name is not recognized the program will allow you to register. Note that I will be notified and have to approve you and set your access level.

Once you are into the Dashboard of the site you should see any of the posts with your user name and you may update or delete them.

If you choose “Add New” you will see a page form to enter a new post. Your first post will have to be approved – after that you will be able to “Publish” posts without waiting.

Enter title here is where you put your title.
Add Media allows you to upload photos, pdf files, etc.
Add Content Block I don’t use
Add Contact Form I don’t use
Visual tab – Very similar to Microsoft Word editing. Has a set of Word-style editing buttons.
Text tab – HTML coding. Has a set of HTML code buttons below.

Below the text box are optional Sharing and Search Engine Optimization areas.

On the right side you have the publishing section, format section (I don’t change this setting), categories, tags and Featured Image (I don’t use this feature – it may not show on your page).

Publish allow you to save a draft and/or preview. Status allows you to change from Draft to Publish and back. Visibility allows you to set as public (either Sticky or not), Password protected (If you want only people you give the password to see), or Private (If you don’t want anyone to see – I suspect the administrator can view – never tried). Publish allows you to publish immediately or to schedule for a later time. Note that you can use the Publish section to reschedule a past posting you are updating to refresh the listing and bring it up to the top of the page.

Categories You will normally use one of these categories. Please do not “Add New Category” – I have set these carefully. If you would like an additional category please discuss with me – it may be great but it is a huge amount of work to reposition categories on hundreds of posts.

Tags click on “Choose from the most used tags” and select up to 5 tags for your post. The relative size of the word indicates the frequency of use. Again, please do not add tags without discussing with the administrator.

Featured Image please don’t use without discussion.

As always, call me if I can help whether it is your first attempt to post or your umpteenth. – Steve

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