Land Meeting Member Gallery Photo 2015

If you currently have a photo on the Member Gallery page of the website your 2015 fee is due if you want to continue.

At the group’s suggestion all photo fees are due in December for the following year. In past I have tried to keep up with individual time frames – confusing at best. Henceforth all are due at the same time in December of each year. If you have paid at the December meeting or since you should not pay again. Sorry I don’t have time for individual bills although I will send a receipt if requested. Twenty dollars ($20) is due for 015.

Payments received after January 31 please add a $10 late fee. Contact me if you have any questions. You may pay cash, check or using the online payment. For Online payment, go to and click on the “Resources” tab. Near the bottom of page click at “Support Services” then “PayPal” near bottom of that page. Select the items you want to pay for and check out.

You can also mail a check to Steve Long, 14541 Greenwood Lane, Tustin, CA 92780

Steve and Sally

p.s. – Payments for domain names and other services are due separately based on the time they renew.
p.s., p.s. – If you want your photo added to the gallery get me a photo and $20. This is available to all active participants in the Land and Investment Property Group.

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